Monday, March 19, 2012

Tool #11 YEA!

This process reminded me of many things I had heard about before and introduced me to many more exciting tools.  I have to force myself to take the time to keep learning and keep moving forward in developing my own skills.  I always learn from my students; they are able to just jump in and figure out new things much better than I am. 

I will encourage students use of Stupeflix and Prezi as we work on projects relating to Probability.

Tool #10

Safety is and has always been a concern of teachers.  And now, with all the technology and networks available to our students, it has become an even greater concern.  Students need to realize that they are living in an UNFILTERED digital world.  They must keep themselves safe and not put themselves at any personal risk by divulging too much information on the internet.  They must also not believe everything they see on the internet; afterall anyone can post anything they want, anytime they want.  They have to look carefully for reliable sources and also be aware of plagarism.

Parents must also be made aware of these dangers as well and I think I can do this by connecting them with sites like the Cool Cat Teacher blog.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tool # 9

TEA requires districts to teach specific TEKS in Math.  Curriculum is designed to assure that children master these concepts in specific order and apply them correctly in real life situations.   Holding students accountable through the working stations or centers helps to insure that we comply with these requirements.  

Two years ago my teaching partner and I were awarded a grant tp [ircjase technology for our classroom (I/Pads and minis {Dells}.   We devised protocols for their use, for the monitoring of students at stations and learning in small groups.   Competitions such as found at Magna High and Manipula Math and many interactive games, etc. have been utilized and aided us in getting ahead of the curve in our classroom.   We will continue to expand the use of technology with these devices so that the students will master the objectives set by the district to cover the TEKS set by TEA.