Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tool #8

I was so excited to see all the features on the netbooks.  As part of a grant three years ago, we received some netbooks for our classroom and they have been a challenge to say the least.  I was so happy to see that the new netbooks we are getting have projection connectors, usb ports, sd card readers and so much more.  This will be fantastic.

We also have itouches for students in our classrooms, provided by the above mentioned grant. This means I already know how to sync the apps and purchase them.  That's one thing I already know how to do. Imagine that!

Tool #7

Collaborative Project

Content objective:  Collecting data and representing percents on a circle graph

When:  Late next fall

Tools:  Google docs, Blog, Skype, Edmodo

Brief Description:  Students in both classrooms will decide on a survey topic and collect data from their respective schools.  They will share their experiences with blogs and on skype so that they can work together to figure percentages and compare the two schools' data.

Classroom:  My daughter in law's 6th grade classroom in Fort Worth

Tool #6

This was really fun! I had no idea all this stuff existed. I created accounts on VoiceThread and Voxopop although the last one is for ages 13 and older.

I like the way the voice thread has so many choices of ways to respond and add to the discussion. Seems like that offers all students ways that they feel comfortable contributing.

As I stated before, we use Google docs quite abit already, but you can always find new ways!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stuck on #5

Okay, I am totally frustrated with #5 so I am going on to 6 and will come back to this with a fresh start in mind.